4 Pack Bundle Offer
4 Pack Bundle Offer Strengths Cards - 4 pack bundle Strengths cards laid out Example front and back of strengths cards
£84.00 ex VAT

Lots of people tell us they get even more value from the strengths cards when they take them home or back to the office. If you mostly work one-to-one, this four pack bundle will make it easier for you to lend or gift packs of cards to others, so they can make the most of them.

Each pack includes an introductory booklet, as well as details of how to access more exercise ideas online.

If you want to use the strengths cards with groups, take a look at the 10 pack bundle for an even lower price per pack (and get FREE shipping).

Orders from the UK and EU will be subject to VAT. Approximate pack size: 110 x 90 x 30mm.