According to the latest research, strengths use is related to increased engagement, happiness, performance, goal achievement, resilience and more. But how can we help people recognise their strengths and use them to be at their best more of the time?

This highly interactive session has been designed by our team of psychologists so that managers (or others with an interest in people development) can more effectively spot strengths and bring the best out of others. Through the session, delegates will also deepen their understanding of their own strengths.

Who is it suitable for?

This workshop is ideal for managers or as an introduction for learning and development professionals.

We also offer a tailored version of this session for teams.

What will the session cover?

  • An introduction to positive psychology and the factors that enable people and organisations to flourish
  • A brief summary of the key research that underpins strengths-based approaches
  • Practical exercises for raising awareness of strengths in themselves and others (using the At My Best® strengths cards)
  • Tips for spotting strengths in others
  • How to make the most of strengths and build an appreciative culture

What will delegates take away?

  • A better understanding of their own strengths and how they could use them more
  • An understanding of the research that underpins the At My Best approach
  • Exercises to use with their teams to identify and develop individual and team strengths
  • Confidence in having more strengths-based conversations
  • Techniques for taking an appreciative approach to work

There is also an option for each delegate to take away a pack of At My Best® strengths cards, so they can apply their learning after the session.


“Exploring the real potential of our people to be at their best - an excellent, engaging and rewarding session.”

Mark Griffiths

OPS Section Head, RWE